• 連鎖市場 Market Chain
                      • 皮都?東方藝墅 Leather City?East Art Villa
                      • 時尚產業園 Fashion Industry Park
                      • 出口加工區 Export Processing Zone
                      • 皮都錦江大酒店 Jin Jiang Royal Palace Hotel
                      • 設計基地 Design Base
                      • 外貿中心 Foreign Trade Center
                        海寧中國皮革城總部市場 Haining China Leather City Headquarters Market
                        • A座 Block A 綜合購物廣場 Integrated Shopping Square
                        • B座 Block B 皮裝·鞋業廣場 Leather Clothing, Shoes Square
                        • C座 Block C 皮草廣場 Fur Square
                        • D座 Block D 裘皮廣場 Fur Coat Square
                        • E座 Block E 女裝館 Women’s Wear Pavilion
                        • F座 Block F 品牌旗艦店廣場 Brand Flagship Store Square


                        Haining China Leather City, established and opened in 1994, is currently China's large-scale and influential leather specialty market, the leading market of China's leather industry, the distribution center of China's leather garments, fur garments, fall/winter fashion, fur, leather, leather bags and suitcases, footwear and also the release center for leather price information, market conditions and fashion trends. At present, the total construction area of the headquarters market is about 1.60 million square meters, and there are more than 6,000 business operators.

                        海寧中國皮革城連鎖市場 Haining China Leather City Market Chain


                        At present, the chain markets include nine proprietary chain projects in Tong’erbu of Liaoning, Shuyang of Jiangsu, Chengdu of Sichuan, Harbin of Heilongjiang, Wuhan of Hubei, Jinan of Shandong, Zhengzhou of Henan and Chungking. As well as three light assets chain projects in Wujiaqu of Xinjiang, Nanchong of Sichuan and Huairen of Shanxi.


                        The Leather City (www.haipicheng.com) is an official online shopping mall launched by Haining China Leather City. It is a professional leather product online trading platform and was formally launched on September 12th, 2013. Currently, the platform has had more than 100 merchants, including more than 1,000 kinds of high-quality leather goods including leather garments, fur coats, bags and suitcases, and household items. The flow rate is increasing at a rate of 70-80% per month. Visitors have already covered 685 prefecture-level cities across the country and spread to 75 countries and regions on 5 continents.

                        • 每個入駐海皮城的企業、品牌,都會經過嚴格的篩選,并且每個在海皮城銷售的商品都經過國家皮革質量監督檢驗中心(浙江)的檢驗,并且每個商品均為實物拍攝。

                          Every company and brand in the Leather City will undergo a rigorous screening. Every product sold in the Leather City will be inspected by the National Center for Leather Quality Supervision and Inspection (Zhejiang), and all the pictures are the original photos of our real commodities.

                        • 海寧皮革城擁有獨立的售后服務中心,所有在海皮城購物的商品均可得到保養、保修服務。

                          Haining Leather City has an independent after-sales service center, and all shopping items in the Leather City can obtain maintenance and warranty services.

                        進出口公司 Import and Export Company


                        Established in December 2006, Haining China Leather City Import and Export Co. Ltd. is a subsidiary controlled by Haining China Leather City Co., Ltd. Relying on the strong comprehensive strength and good reputation foundation of shareholders, the company uses advanced IT technology, hires an excellent management team, blends in many years of foreign trade service experience, and integrates high quality resources such as customs, commodity inspection, tax, banking, insurance and logistics to provide the whole flow of import and export foreign trade services and policy support for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, and to provide all kinds of convenient and fast supply chain financial solutions.

                        • 公司以良好的信用,優質的服務,雄厚的資金實力,贏得了國內外廣大合作伙伴的信賴和支持。 By right of good credit, high-quality service and strong financial strength, the company won the trust and support of the majority of partners at home and abroad.
                        • 地址:海寧市廣順路407號皮革城大廈20樓 Address: 20/F, Leather City Building, No. 407, Guangshun Road, Haining City; 電話:0573-87037626,80701008 Tel.: 0573-87037626, 80701008 傳真:0573-87047077 Fax: 0573-87047077
                        皮都?東方藝墅 Leather City?East Art Villa


                        Leather City East Art Villa, developed by Haining China Leather City Co., Ltd., is located in the north side of East Haizhou Road and the west side of Biyun Road (across from the education park), covering an area of 168 mu, with a total construction area of more than 129,000 square meters. East Art Villa is a completely closed high-grade community. It adopts intelligent management system and is divided into two blocks: the south block is mainly the urban terraced houses, while the north block is mainly the scarce multi-layers buildings and landscape small high-rise buildings.


                        The community’s development and construction are divided into three phases: 20 buildings in Phase I, 40 buildings in Phase II and 10 buildings in Phase III, with a total of 571 households. The community is now provided with quality services by Nandu Property in Zhejiang Province, which has the Qualification of State Property Management First-Class Enterprise. It creates a safe, comfortable and harmonious living environment for the distinguished owners of East Art Villa.

                        海寧中國皮革城時尚產業園 Fashion Industry Park of Haining China Leather City


                        On September 25th, 2012, the groundbreaking ceremony of Fashion Industry Park of Haining China Leather City was held ceremoniously. Leather City Fashion Industry Park is located east of Tongjiu Highway, south of Yaojiu Line, north of Weijiu Road, with a total construction area of about 125,000 square meters and estimated total investment of RMB 240 million. The project consists of 32 individual buildings, including reliable workshops, integrated rooms and auxiliary workshops.


                        In the second half of 2013, Fashion Industry Park of Haining China Leather City was delivered for use successively. The development and construction of the project are another important measure to implement the implicit growth strategy of the leather city, which helps to solve the development needs of small and medium-sized leather enterprises, promote the transformation and upgrading of leather industry, and help enterprises cope with the fierce competition in the market.

                        海寧中國皮革城出口加工區 Haining China Leather City Export Processing Zone


                        Haining China Leather City Export Processing Zone is located in the northern suburb of Haining City and north of Haining Leather City Science and Technology Park. It is an industrial park of leather products invested by Haining China Leather City (formerly known as Zhejiang Leather Garment City Investment and Development Co., Ltd.).


                        The first and second phases cover an area of 386 mu. So far, a leather garment processing sub-zone and a luggage processing sub-zone have been built. standard factory buildings covering more than 234,000 square meters. 85 manufacturers in fields such as leather garment, fur and luggage leather goods have settled in the zone, and the labor force of nearly 10,000 people has been absorbed, becoming a new force that promotes the development of Haining leather industry.

                        海寧皮都錦江大酒店 Jin Jiang Royal Palace Hotel in Haining


                        Jin Jiang Royal Palace Hotel in Haining is a full-service luxury business hotel invested by Haining China Leather City Co., Ltd. according to five-star hotel standard. With a total operating area of 50,000 square meters, its main building has a total of 28 stories, with the height of 118 meters. The hotel is located at No. 302 Haining Avenue, Haining City, Zhejiang Province. It is located on the south side of Haining China Leather City, only 1.5 hours’ drive from Hangzhou downtown, Xiaoshan Airport and Shanghai downtown, and only half an hour’s drive from surrounding Yanguan Bore, the South-North Lake, Wuzhen, the South Lake of Jiaxing and other national AAAA-class tourist attractions, having a superior geographical location.

                        • 豪華大床房
                        • 唐宮會所
                        • 健身房
                        • 酒店擁有各類客房313間,6個餐廳及酒吧,為賓客奉上各款風味佳肴和華美宴席,以及高雅、舒適的就餐環境。酒店共有設施完善的會議室11個,配備最新科技的會務設備,訓練有素的專職經理,能夠滿足高檔會議一切所需。酒店還設有桑拿、足浴、KTV、SPA、美容美發、健身房、游泳池、網球場、桌球室、乒乓球室等康樂設施。能全面滿足賓客休閑娛樂的不同需求。

                          The hotel has 313 guest rooms of all kinds, 6 restaurants and bars, serving all kinds of delicious food and delicious banquet, as well as elegant and comfortable dining environment. The hotel has 11 complete conference rooms, equipped with the high-tech conference equipment and trained full-time managers, which can meet all the needs of high-grade conferences. The hotel also has recreation facilities like sauna, foot bath, KTV, spa, beauty salon, gym, swimming pool, tennis court, billiard room and table tennis room, which can fully meet the guests’ leisure and entertainment needs.



                        Provincial Characteristic Industrial Design Demonstration Base for Haining Leather Industry, consisting of leather professional market in the national AAAA-class tourist scenic spot, Haining China Leather City Brand Fashion Center, Zhejiang Leather Industry Research Center (Haining Leather Research Institute) and so on, has initially formed the “One City, Multi Area” space layout, as well as the industrial design service system with perfect functions such as quality raw material supply, the leather product design proof, brand building and market promotion, design achievement display and transaction.

                        • 基地的核心運營區占地210畝,建設面積為21.8萬平方米,2008年開始建設,總投資6億元,于2011年10月份正式投入使用。由72幢企業設計大樓、設計師走廊、工業設計大廈、工業設計風尚會所及皮革城大廈組成。

                        • 截止到2014年底,基地共有設計公司、設計工作室、企業設計中心共計100家入駐,包括40家設計公司、38家企業設計中心、22家設計制版工作室。

                        The core operating area of the base covers an area of 210 mu, with a construction area of 218,000 square meters. Its construction began in 2008, with a total investment of RMB 600 million, which was formally put into use in October 2011. It consists of 72 enterprise design buildings, designer corridors, industrial design buildings, industrial design fashion clubs and leather city buildings.

                        外貿中心 Foreign Trade Center


                        On July 22nd, 2015, the General Office of the State Council issued Several Opinions on Promoting the Stable Growth of Import and Export (Guo Ban Fa (2015) No. 55), which included Haining China Leather City as a pilot in the market procurement and trade mode. In addition, on October 28th, the pilot launch and the first customs clearance test ceremony were held, which marked the formal launch of the pilot of Haining market procurement trade mode.


                        In order to attract foreign trade enterprises and international purchasers from inside and outside the city to gather in the leather city, gather and accelerate the healthy and sustainable development of foreign trade in leather industry. Haining China Leather City has established a foreign trade center in the original fur building, and set up an entrepreneurial platform for main bodies of market purchase trade with 200 units with an area of 10,000 square meters as well as a foreign trade consulting service area of over 1,000 square meters. It also introduces business service institutions such as customs declaration, import and export agency, freight, ship agency, translation, and cross-border e-commerce platform on the basis of existing service facilities, and provides policy solutions, group goods assistance, business assistance, secretaries for work and life and other service functions to enhance the supporting service ability of international trade.

                      全國分市場 Nationwide ?chain markets
                      • 海寧中國皮革城總機:0573-87010001
                        Haining China leather city switchboard: 0573-87010001
                      • 網站服務熱線:0573-87219968
                        Website service hotline: 0573-87219968
                      • 旅游客服熱線:0573-87219920
                        Tourist service hotline: 0573-87219920
                      • 客戶服務中心熱線:0573-87219315
                        Customer service center hotline: 0573-87219315



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